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At Agile Industries our aim is to provide the best quality products/Instruments to achieve the customers’ utmost satisfaction around the Globe. In our vision, the real satisfaction is that which engages all stakeholders including manufacturers/workers/customers and end users, so therefore our focused objectives and commitment are quality, timely delivery at best reasonable prices.

We have made the website most comprehensive with the Surgical & Dental catalogue in pdf format with all quality instruments required for day-to-day use at Hospitals & Clinics.

Agile Industries is one of the leading renowned wholesale manufacturing companies that manufacture the most hygienically tested, quality Dental, surgical, veterinary and beauty care instruments and do hassle-free business with a team of dedicated professionals and highly skilled workers/employees in all production areas.

We are also ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485-2016, and CE certified which is proof that Agile |ndustries fulfil the international standards and measures. So all instruments are manufactured according to prescribed standards of world health organisations/bodies. Each & every instrument is produced under strict hygienic controls and expertise.

We express our heartiest gratitude to all our customers for the confidence they owed to us. We assure all present and new customers that Quality, delivery and transparency in business will remain the objective of our business.


Founder of Agile Industries

Haji Muhammad Ismail


Muhammad Saleem

Director Sales & Marketing

Ali Raza

Commercial Director

Muhammad Talha

General Manager Naqash Ahmed